Xilinx Virtex 5, XC5VLX50 FPGA PCI format plug in board, especially developed for LEON development, with on-board SO-DIMM, SRAM, FLASH, GBit Ethernet, USB 2.0, DSU UART, user and memory expansion connectors

The Mezzanine interfaces and their mechanical layout have been maintained so that the exisitng mezzanine and accessory boards for our CPCI boards can be used with this board.

The standard version of this board is equipped with a Virtex5 XC5VLX50 in a 1153 BGA package. However, this board can also be equipped with the larger LX110 FPGA device. Please contact us if you are interested in the larger version.

Product sheet:

PDF GR-PCI-XC5V_product_sheet.pdf

User Manual:

PDF GR-PCI-XC5V_user_manual.pdf

Assembly Drawing:

PDF GR-PCI-XC5V_assy_drawing.pdf

Technical Note about Mezzanine Connectors:

PDF GR-MEZZ_Technical_Note.pdf

The boards are shipped with a CD containing: user's manual, complete schematics, necessary .ucf files for Xilinx place&route tools, BCC/RCC cross-compiler system, Evaluation Version of GRMON and GPL version GRLIB/leon3 VHDL model. A pre-synthesised leon netlist is programmed in the FPGA configuration prom, using a standard LEON configuration with DSU, PCI and ethernet. Custom configurations can be shipped on request. For information on the GRLIB/Leon3 VHDL model, software tools and their licensing, please contact Aeroflex Gaisler


GR-PCI-XC5V-LX50 3450.- EUR

GR-PCI-XC5V-LX110 4450.- EUR

For accessory and mezzanine boards: