Xilinx Virtex II, XC2V3000 FPGA PCI plug in board, especially developed for LEON development, with on-board SRAM, SDRAM, FLASH, Ethernet, DSU UART, user and memory expansion connectors

The standard version incorporates a -4 speed grade Virtex II device. Boards with faster -6 speed grade devices can also be supplied.

Product sheet:

PDF GR-PCI-XC2V_product_sheet.pdf

User Manual:

PDF GR-PCI-XC2V_user_manual.pdf

Assembly Drawing:

PDF GR-PCI-XC2V_assy_drawing.pdf

The boards are shipped with a CD containing: user's manual, complete schematics, necessary .ucf files for Xilinx place&route tools, RCC/BCC cross-compiler system, Evaluation Version of GRMON, Open Source version of GRLIB/LEON3 VHDL model. A pre-synthesised leon netlist is programmed in the FPGA configuration prom, using a standard LEON configuration with DSU, PCI and ethernet. Custom configurations can be shipped on request.


This product is now obsolete, and has been replaced by the new Virtex5 GR-PCI-XC5V board.

The Virtex5 board provides a faster and larger FPGA, and has been deisgn to have the same mezzanine interfaces as the GR-CPCI boards.

The GR-PCI-XC2V board will no longer be stocked. If you have a specific need for the GR-PCI-XC2V, Virtex2 board please contact us.

For accessory and mezzanine boards: