digital hardware design and PCB development


4K HDMI to CSI Interface for nvidia TX1/TX2 Evalboard, in cooperation with High-Performance Multimedia Group of the Institute of Embedded Systems (InES) of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)

Custom Design

We are specialized in custom electronic design, from concept and schematic development to PCB layout and manufacturing of prototypes and small series of products. Our product development uses Altium Designer Software.

Boards and Products

Our products include FPGA Development boards designed for FPGA and LEON microprocessor development. covering various vendors (e,g Xilinx Spartan6 & Virtex-4, Actel Axcelerator and Atmel LEON2-FT), with both Compact PCI and 'Classic' PCI form factors.


Pender Electronic Design is specialised in digital hardware design and board development, FPGA development hardware, and VHDL coding.
In cooperation with FRONTGRADE GAISLER in Gothenburg Sweden, our emphasis is on the continuing development, promotion and support for LEON microprocessor designs.
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